The Excitement of Hunting Takjil Ramadhan

16 April 2023 | BBG News

Lecturer: Regina Rahmi, M.Pd

During the month of Ramadan, takjil or special snacks for breaking the fast are always sought after by Muslims who carry out the Fasting Service in Banda Aceh. Hunting for takjil and breaking the fast are the customs of the people when the month of Ramadan arrives. You can see the activities of bustling takjil sellers and buyers in several places.

One of them is a row of stalls for takjil traders in Rukoh Village to Darussalam. Different kinds of foods are sold, ranging from various fried foods, cakes, to drinks that are served for buyers to choose from which have been served since 15.00 WIB.

“Have a try sir, stop by buk or here it is often called piyoh piyoh,” said the traders offering their takjil wares.

These area have long been a place for takjil hunting for residents to walk around waiting for the time to break their fast or merely snacks.

Ngabuburit and takjil hunting are Ramadan traditions that are always looked forward to, both in shock markets and online markets. Ramadhan is not complete without stories about hunting for takjil ahead of breaking the fast.

After a day of enduring hunger and thirst, before the time to break our fast, we who are fasting prepare a menu to break our fast. The culture of hunting takjil is certainly an activity that is not left behind to be carried out and also enlivens the atmosphere in the month of Ramadan.

Fried foods and sweet foods are identical menus and easy to find when hunting for takjil, although some people claim to avoid hunting for takjil because they just feel “hungry for their eyes” every time they see various types of food. After breaking the fast, the stomach feels full when it is broken with only water and takjil.

Rasulullah SAW said, “For the fasting person there are two happiness, happy when he breaks his fast, happy with his fast and when he meets his Lord” (Muttafaq Atashi).

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